Sunday, November 4, 2012

A comparison of Zoya Bela and Lacy

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I had a few comments on the Zoya Lucy that it just looked like a top coat.  This prompted me to do a comparison of a clear coat, Bela and Lucy.  You can see Bela is a soft pink, and really blends the nail line.  In the sun, Bela really shows pink.  Lucy really brightens your nail up, and to my eyes, brightens up the nail line as well.  I think both Bela and Lucy serve as a corrector to cover up and imperfections on your nail.  While you could just put a few clear coats on, I think either Bela or Lucy look a lot more polished.  I tend to reach towards Lucy, but that's just my personal preference.  What do you think... clear coat, Bela or Lucy?

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  1. Hi, am hesitating between Bela and Lucy as a base for a french, so THX for the comparison! ;)
    (how many coats?)

    Still can't decide haha… so would you say there's a difference in applying? As in, which one of both would go on least streaky or would you say they're both equally good?

  2. I prefer Lucy, I think it gives a much cleaner look and is a little more forgiving. Hope that helps!