Saturday, January 14, 2012

nails Inc. Whitehall

Another magnetic polish!  These were a Christmas gift from my sister, Amy, and I have been forgetting to takes pictures each time I wore them.  This was the first time I wore Whitehall, and the application was a little trickier than the others.  For this application I only used Zoya Anchor, 1 thin coat of Whitehall (let dry completely before the next coat), and a thick coat of Whitehall followed immediately with the magnet for a slow count to 5.  In my opinion you need to let it dry pretty well before putting the topcoat on.  If you do it too soon it has a tendency to streak or pull. 

I love the way these look, and a picture just can't capture how these look in person.  They have a certain depth to them you need to see.  They can be hit or miss in the wear department though.  For some it is long wearing, and for others it can chip easily.  As with all polish it varies by person.


  1. Great comment on the chipping factor. I have decided that I'm unreasonably hard on my nails. I now have Kelly on and it lasted through the day! Whitehall looks great on your nails and I'm going to have to try your trick.

  2. Its so funny Meghan, I feel like this time it even varied by nail. I had one that chipped pretty quickly at the tips and other nails that looks the same as when I applies. It was so finicky.