Saturday, July 14, 2012

China Glaze Pull Me Close

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It almost seems like everybody and their brother have a release of magnetic polish now, but I still think that China Glaze is one of the best.  Every once in a while it is fun to put this polish on, especially when it's sunny outside and you can really see the color shift, or cat's eye effect.  As with all my magnetic polish, I start with a coat of Zoya Raven, and then follow with the magnetic coat.  It really seems to make the pattern pop more, given that Raven provides a dark base for contrast.  China Glaze Pull Me Close went on flawless, so easy to apply the pattern too, and dried so shiny it almost didn't require a top coat.  I did follow with a single coat of nubar Diamont, and don't forget to let the design dry for a while before applying the top coat so the lines don't drag.

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