Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A fun rainbow of Zoya!

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Do you remember those days in art class as a kid where you would color a piece of paper with the brightest colors you could find and then colored over the top with a black crayon, and then etched out a picture or design uncovering all those colors underneath?  This is totally what this manicure reminded me of!  I love Zoya Raven to begin with, who doesn't love a shimmery black?  But when you add stripes of Breezi, Kieko, Reagan and Wednesday underneath it really does come pop.  I free handed the strips of color and let it dry thoroughly and then applied a few random foil strips.  After quickly painting Raven over the top, I removed them in the reverse order I put them on to assure I didn't mess with the stripe edges.  I took these before I added a top coat since I was so excited!

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