Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zoya Breezi with a Zoya Twila accent

Now I can't really pull this look off at work, but I loved it for the weekend.  Zoya Breezi is a very pigmented blue that reminds me of the crystal blue waters of the ocean.  It is an opaque cream, that only needs 2 coats as I show here.  The application was very smooth, even though the polish was a but runny.  I didn't have any issues with pooling.

For a fun look, I accented a nail with Zoya Twila.  Twila is a clear base with both bar and round pieces of blue glitter.  The round pieces have a slight bit of a holographic shine.  Just be careful with the bar glitter and it hanging off the end of your nail, it can scratch if you don't file it down. On each nail I had 2 coats of Zoya Breezi, 1 coat of nubar Diamont.  On the accent nail I had an additional coat of both Zoya Twila and nubar Diamont.

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