Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zoya Farah and Zoya Cho

First off, a huge thank you to the Social Media Fairies at Zoya.  A few weeks ago they featured my post on Zoya Gemma for St Patricks Day.  I emailed back and forth with a few Fairies there and they asked if they could send a few samples.  Who wouldn't love a few samples, right?  Well this was a little more than samples, it was like Christmas in a box!  I was on vacation when it came, so knowing there was a box waiting for me what pure torture!  Here were the contents of the box... I know, are you kidding me?!

Zoya Color Lock System
Zoya True Winter Collection
Zoya Fleck Effect Collection
Zoya Jules
Qtica Intense Total Hydrating Therapy
Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm

I will be reviewing all the products of the next few weeks, and was so excited to try the Qtica products.  I am already loving the Cuticle Repair Balm, as they took a beating in the dry air of Arizona.

That said, here are two of the lighter colors from the Zoya True collection.  First off is Zoya Farah, a creamy beige polish that is best applied in thin coats.  I prefer 3 thin coats to 2 thicker since I have a few issues with Farah pooling.  It needs a topcoat to help even it out, it makes a world of difference.  Farah has no shimmer to it, just a straight simple cream.  This is 3 thin coats of Zoya Farah with 1 coat of Zoya Armor.

Zoya Farah in natural light

Next up is Zoya Cho, probably my preferred of this review.  Cho has a slight shimmer to it, which I believe to be a bit more forgiving.  Cho has more of a yellow undertone to it, in contrast to Farah which is more green.  The shimmer in Cho is almost silver which makes it a bit more appealing to me.  I would go with 3 thin coats here as well, since Cho is a little streaky.  This is 3 thin coats of Cho with 1 coat of Zoya Armor over the top.

Zoya Cho in natural light
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