Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! A Zoya water marble for your basket!

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Happy Easter everyone!  Since I don't have children, my niece and nephew live a little too far away, and having my dogs help me dye Easter eggs is a death wish, the next best thing is to water marble my nails.  I combined Zoya Bevin, Dove, Malia, Avril and Kristen for a pastel marble inspired by those little hard shelled chocolate Cadbury eggs (which are the devil).  I finished the look with a single coat of Zoya Sparkle Gloss.

I tried a new method this marble... instead of scotch taping my nails off I applied a thick lotion/balm around my nails and cuticle, doing my best to stay off the actual nail.  I then cleaned the nail bed off with a Q-tip soaked in polish remover to ensure the polish would stick.  Zoya Purity went on next as a base, and then I dipped as usual.  Since the skin surrounding the nail had that coat of balm on it, the excess polish came right off and clean up was a whole lot easier than the tape method.

Hope everyone got a little family time in this weekend!

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