Sunday, April 22, 2012

Zoya Polish Party

Last night I had the great pleasure of hanging out with a bunch of lovely ladies from around the area.  We don't get together often, but when we do there is fun to be had as well as free flowing drinks!  Given the Earth Day promo going on, I decided to load up the drawers of my polish cabinet and head down to meet the ladies last night.  This way we could all look through the colors and decide what polishes to add to our Zoya order.

I think we had over 100 bottles of Zoya and another 75 randoms.  So many colors, so little time!

Here is Kirsten practicing the "Push and Wiggle" polish application technique with Zoya Breezi, Zoya Twila, and a coat of Zoya Anchor.

Bridget is showing off her stamped manicure of Zoya Vivi!


All the ladies and Max showing off their pretty new manicures!  From the bottom left, clockwise... Zoya Trixie, Zoya Lotus, Zoya Breezi with Zoya Twila, Zoya Kelly, Max!, and Zoya Vivi.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful time last night!


  1. Hah, the dog wanted to show off it's nails too ;)

    1. Max was having a great time with us, if he would have let us he could have had his nails painted too!